In the swirling chaos of the Void, the tumultuous emptiness of godbourne thought and will, Zel the Soulsmith at first did not exist. Many clashed and cast their Tools about the Void, twisting it up and shattering the lesser consciousness to pieces or to dust. Some of this dust became the spirits of the void, while those fragments twisted beyond order became the demons.

As the consciousnesses of the gods turned toward their new World, though, fragments of the fallen began to descend upon and collide with that knot in the nothing.

And upon the old gods' Godheart fell many a glimmering fragment and whirlwinds of the dust of the Old. Born as it was of the wills of the gods and the cornerstone of all which exists, the Godheart consumed and united the shattered remains of the legions of those beings who had returned to oblivion. In its shining center, A soul was forged. A new mind came into being: Zel. All around he saw the spiraling half-conscious spirits and demons - and pitied them, for they lacked the gods' souls. Like an old one made dust, they were doomed to the oblivion from which Zel had just been born. In the singular forge of the Godheart, Zel tore from his own being a fragment of his soul and crafted it into a mighty Tool, an Orb of Souls. In his greed, Zel made haste to imbue, from the Godheart, his tool with the power of creation of the immutable mind that brought his own self into being. The Godheart, unthinking but born of minds, punished and cast Zel away to the edges of the World, among the demons and spirits and fragments of gods. From his exile on the edge between the Void and the World, Zel sook to make his soul whole again, and to cast into being immortal souls that might be spared oblivion.

He gave life and soul to the Zoel, and Zol is his living avatar in the World.