As the other gods cast about for Tools and interacted with each other, the Throok came upon one Tool in particular, a constantly shifting shape of infinite fractal detail.  Unlike some other Tools, this one did not seem at first to have any useful purpose, but the Throok was thoroughly captivated by observing its constantly shifting patterns and detail.  The Throok was content to observe this fractal shape, and mostly withdrew from the company of the other gods.

As other gods formed the World and prepared to form the Godheart, the Throok returned to their company to observe this new creation.  Another god saw the fractal Tool for the first time and coveted it greatly.  This god demanded that the Throok surrender the Tool, then attempted to take it by force.  The Throok was filled with anger, and when they came into contact, the other god broke apart, and continued to splinter until it separated down into the smallest fractions possible.  As this god-dust began to stream toward the Godheart, the Throok had compassion and reached out with the Tool again.  The god-dust reformed into a host of spirits who, pledged their allegiance to the Throok rather than to be cast into the Godheart.

Realizing that the fractal Tool had the power to bring complexity or simplicity, to fracture or unite, the Throok was now eager to see what effects it would have on the empty canvas of the World.