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The Godheart Emperor
, more commonly known as the God Eater, is a being from the depths of the Empty Void that was drawn to the knot of the World after its inception. Possessing no Tools of its own, the God Eater set about gathering up the shattered remains that were strewn about the young realm. It consumed the fragments and through this process the God Eater became stronger. Sufficiently powerful, the God Eater decided to take a Tool for its own. Using a whirlwind of souls for protection, the God Eater set upon a lesser being and devoured it before stealing its Tool. The God Eater had watched this lesser presence for some time and knew it had some dominion over souls. It was the perfect fit.

With a Tool, the God Eater's abilities to manipulate the many fragments of the old gods had enhanced significantly. Using its strength, the God Eater claimed the title of Emperor. Over time many wayward spirits have found themselves enthralled and ensnared by the God Eater's power. Yet the God Eater remains content, sated by the power of the old gods and gleeful at the trickle of ethereal followers that seem all-too-willing to give themselves up.