It was Fate that gave birth to Salvarian, the created god. The Host of Four, banished by the Throok, floated through eons of nothingness before chance brought them to a Tool that had escaped the attention of the other Gods. The Tool itself was that of a rod, with a much smaller rod laid across the top, giving it the figure of a T. Had the spirits course varied even slightly in their timeless travels, there would have been no discovering of the tool. Luckily for Salvarian, that was not the case. Upon touching, a great flash of light was cast into the surrounding void as the spirits and the tool were melded into one. And so, Salvarian was born.

Although the influence of the Throok and the Four Spirits are still present in Salvarian, it is the Tool itself that dominates the god. Salvarian is constantly pondering, shielding itself and its thoughts from the other gods in existence. When it decides to act, Salvarian is slow, but decisive. This preference for thinking allows Salvarian to easily control its emotions, giving the god an even temper. However, the urge to create lives within its being and can sometimes overwhelm Salvarian’s otherwise stable character.

"The Throok, displeased with the rebellious spirits, banished them into the Void. Although the Four were now separated from the Throok, they still carried some of his essence and that of the fractal tool. This essence imbued Salvarian with its sense of creation, altering the gods being. Fate brought the spirits to the tool. Their union created a god."