Create Race – This power effects the creation of one of the traditional races for player characters in your game system, or other classic fantasy races. Races and civilizations are often interchangeable. You may, for example, have more than one race of dwarves, each with its own unique civilization and government. Consider not only humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and trolls, but also dragons, halflings, or even leprechauns. At the discretion of the game master or would-be author, non-traditional races may cost double. Players may pool points to create any race. Each race must be given a starting point in the world where they begin to build their civilization, or lack thereof. Races start either neutral, or aligned +1 good or -1 evil. See Purify and Corrupt.

"I am Zol," said the First, in a voice like a crystallophone, "and we are the Zoel."

                                                              -Zol, First of the Zoel, Avatar of Zel